GP-Grip Ultimate Jeep Grab Handle


Have you been looking for a roll bar grab handle for your Jeep Wrangler, but for a long time, you might only be able to find some plastic handles that are commonly used on bags, luggage. They are often weak and wiggly, dated looking but almost on every other Jeep.

IT IS time to truly make a handle for Jeep from the ground up.

Introducing the GP-Grip

The solid metal, foldable grab handle for enthusiasts like you.


Our unique bandana-shaped handle base and solid-built gunmetal finished aluminum handles are sophisticated detailed corresponding to the Jeep design elements. After a quick installation, you will experience a solid and sturdy grip for all your rides on or off road, or simply getting in/ out of the Jeep.


No more swinging like below.


GP-Grip is solid metal construction, no more swinging back-and-forth. With the flip-away handle, you can enjoy a full window view and never bump your head when getting in/ out.

Most versatile and cool looking handle ever built for Jeep Wrangler.



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And much more:

  1. Quick-accessible outer pocket for your life-saving emergency tools or more.
  2. Use the inner secret pockets for your emergency money, cards or keys or a forgotten surprise for yourself later on.
  3. Cushioned handle wrap offers another layer of snug and comfy grip.


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