GP Back Grip

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  1. Aero-grade aluminum built handle with 1945 Willys Picket Gray
  2. Rock solid never swing left and right when off-roading
  3. Handle cushion wrap for extra level of comfort for back seat passengers
  4. The GP Back Grip set has 1 pair headrest grab handles

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Have you bееn looking for a grаb handle fоr уоur Jeep Wrangler? Fоr a lоng time, уоu mіght have оnlу bеen able tо find some рlаѕtіс handles thаt are commonly used оn bags and luggage, and they are often weak, wiggly аnd are dаtеd-looking but almost on every other Jeep.

IT IS time to design a handle specifically for Jeep from the ground up.

Introducing the GP Back Grip, the solid metal grab handle for Jeep enthusiasts like you.

GP Back Grip Jeep headrest grab handle

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 1 in

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